BRAMOR NSX for Military

Smart SIGINT – Signal Intelligence - application.

BRAMOR with NSX payload for  SIGNINT application, the SIGINT dedicated software  identifies, communicates with, geolocates GSM mobiles in all 2G/3G/4G LTE frequencie (already used) . The Sensor, a miniature Software Defined Radio with cellular protocol stacks adapted vor UAVS. 


- 2km or more signal scan range around the UAVS.
- Low Profile antennas.
- Locate without DF Equipment.
- Send and receive text Messages.


Wingspan                              230 cm
Length                                   96 cm
Weight (MTOW)                     4,9 kg
Propulsion                              Electric-Brushless
Speed                                     16-26 m/s
Take-Off                                 Catapult
Landing                                  Parachute
Datalin rang                           Up to 15 km Encrypted IP Link (optional >40 km)
Endurance                              Up to 3 houres
Ready to flight                        5 minutes
Operator                                 One
Transportation                         Milspec case / backpak


Bild in Lightbox öffnen (open image in lightbox). EYE-X EO/IR/LI HD4 Gimbal with Laser pointer