DroneProvide™ is a UAV consultancy company and solutions provider.

Our partner companies are world leaders in mini ISR UAV ( NATO class 1) and combat UAV. 

Our company is incorporating a new vision of UAS procurement approach.

Enabling us to act as a strategic partner and trusted advisor for the end-user in order to:

- mitigate risks

- create strategic and tactical advantage

- wrap up a closed budget envelope

And above all to gain on the time factor:

- to accelerate the selection process of UAS for civilian and military sovereign entities.

The latest history has shown us, that the world is unpredicted and dangerous.

Known decision-taking paths and strategies have lead us to revolving delays, self-indulgence, lack of humility, and resistance to disruption.

DroneProvide ™ is incarnating this new UAS fast paced and lean, procurement approach in order to face a new reality of this unpredicted world.